Important information about your new puppy

Your puppy will receive at least the first two sets of puppy vaccinations prior to it's shipment to you. Depending on the age of the puppy when it is shipped it also may have received additional vaccinations The puppy has also been wormed at least 3 times. Your Pomeranian will come with an individualized health record from us detailing the dates and types of vaccines and wormers that have been
administered. Please take a copy of this record to your vet at your first puppy check so they can recommend a future vaccination and worming schedule.
All puppies will be seen by a licensed veterinarian and will have a health certificate prior to shipping. In order to receive this health certificate we will need your legal name, address and phone number where you can be reached the day of shipment as these items are necessary for the health certificate.

There are many puppy diseases and parasites out in the world that a young puppy is susceptible to. They can be picked up anywhere. Many of which like parvo can even be brought in on the soles of your shoes! Prior to your puppy receiving ALL 4 sets of puppy shots, NEVER, NEVER set a young puppy down on the ground or on counter tops in public! Your own yard is fine as long as strange dogs do not have free access to it. Never let strangers handle your puppy. Do not let your puppy have contact with strange dogs. It is recommended that you don't even take you puppy out in public until they are fully vaccinated. Also make sure all visitors to your house wash their hands prior to handling you new ball of fur. Remember even vaccinated dogs are susceptible to certain diseases and parasites, make sure to follow your vets recommendations to limit their risk.
"We apologize. We can no longer Shippin the puppy due to covit, only local pick up"

Just like people, most of our puppies arrive to their new homes on an airplane. Air transportation is the fastest and safest way for you to receive you new Pomeranian. We ship mostly via American Airlines. If your airport does not offer service by AA then we may be able to use other airlines such as Delta for a slightly higher shipping cost. Dogs are transported in the cargo section of the plane in pressurized and climate controlled area separate from the baggage. Airlines stipulate that we can only ship when the ground temperature is predicted between 20-85 degrees. If you live in a very hot place in the summer or a cold place in the winter please let us know when purchasing a puppy so we can try and work around the temperature and have your puppy fly early in the morning. You are also always welcome to fly in and pick up your puppy. Dogs traveling as carry on with passengers are not temperature restricted the same way cargo shipped dogs. This is also the safest way to transport extremely small tea-cup sized puppies so you can care for them during the entire trip.

After we book the flight for your new puppy we receive a confirmation number. We will email this conformation to you; print this and take it with your ID to the airport to pick up your puppy. Puppies usually can be picked up in a baggage service office near the passenger baggage claim area. However in very large airports you many need to pick up at the air cargo office. It is a good idea to call your local airport ahead of time to find out exactly where they have live animal pick up. Calling ahead will save you frustration and delays during pick up. Your new puppy will arrive in a new airline approved plastic shipping crate loaded with shredded paper, food and water. This crate is yours to keep and can be very useful on future trips to your vet or for other travel. On top you will find a packet with your health documents and a small amount of food. Airline security regulations prohibit us from placing anything else such as leashes, blankets or toys inside the crate.

We strive to book the shortest and most direct flight so as to limit stress and travel time for you new puppy. However, even on the shortest of flights, sometimes turbulence in travel can case "accidents" so your new Pomeranian may have soiled on itself. Come prepared with some paper towels and wet wipes just in case. Your new puppy should arrive happy and excited to see it's new family but remember it has already had a long day of travel so try and limit it's excitement for the first 24 hours so it can rest. If you are purchasing a teeny tiny tea-cup pomeranian MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND OUR SECTION ON HYPOGLYCEMIA!!! With very tiny puppies administer Nutri-Cal immediately upon your arrival to the airport and several times a day for the first few days. With all new puppies watch them closely to make sure they continue to eat and drink regularly. The new sights and smells of it's whole new world can be overwhelming. The travel crate that it was shipped in will provided a safe refuge with it's familiar feel and smell. Now is a great time to start crate training your new puppy!