Important information about your new puppy
Getting Ready For Puppy

Before your puppy comes home try and prepare a safe and friendly environment by making sure your house is "puppy proofed" similar to how you would "child proof" a home. Look at your house from a puppy’s point of view and remove any hazardous items. Make sure all poisonous household items are securely stored out
of puppy’s reach. Move or remove any poisonous plants. Keep all electrical cords out of reach of teething puppies. Have a place designated for your puppy to sleep, eat and potty. Never leave a young pomeranian puppy outside in your yard unsupervised. Tiny puppies can fit though the smallest of spaces in a fence and be lost! It is preferable to purchase a puppy exercise play yard that you can set up both indoors and out they provide a safe and portable area for your puppy. Supervise children and other pets closely for the first few days to ensure that they will not injure you new arrival. Although your puppy will come with some food, you will need to purchase Royal Canin Mini puppy dry dog food to have on hand. If you are going to be eventually switching to another brand don't start the switch until your new puppy has settled into it's new environment for a few days. Don't forget to get a couple of food and water dishes too. Make sure and have Nutri-Cal (or another generic brand) on hand in case your puppy experiences hypoglycemia, also read and understand the section on Hypoglycemia. Toys and chews can help you bond with your new puppy and give it something to do while you are otherwise occupied. Decide where you want to have your Pomeranian sleep whether it's a wire crate or a dog bed in a small room, have it ready when your puppy arrives. Don't forget to have a harness and leash available, we don't recommend collars for young puppies. Harnesses are much better for small dogs to learn to walk on a leash. Poms DON'T require constant brushing like drop coated breeds. But they should be groomed consistently to stay healthy and clean. There are numerous styles of brushes to choose from. Have at least one ready so you can get started bonding right away with your puppy during grooming sessions. There are many, many more fun and exciting dog items available. This is only a very basic list to get you started on the day your puppy arrives. With all the choices out there you may become a regular at the local dog boutique!

"Puppy Uglies"

Somewhere between about 3-8 months old most pomeranians go through a hair coat change that is lovingly referred to as the "Puppy Uglies" This is when they shed their baby hair fluff and get in their adult hair. Puppies tend to look straggly or shaggy. They may look leggy and disproportionate. They might look awkward and be clumsy. Don't worry it is absolutely normal! This is their adolescent stage and their hormones are raging. The puppy is experiencing a change similar to what teenage girls and boys do during puberty. By the time the pup is between 9-18 months old he or she will have a thick full coat again which is usually even fuller and more fluffy than before! Adult Poms may also have a similar coat change at various times in their lives. If you don't spay your female you can expect to see this coat shedding after her heat cycles and especially after having puppies when her hormones are surging. Click HERE to see some photos of some puppies going thru and past the puppy uglies. Some Poms just fly through the "uglies" and you will hardly notice a change (usually during winter months) but most will go through the uglies. Take some photos of the "ugly duckling" and wait for the "swan" to appear!